Federal, Natural, &
Custom Colors available

Colorfast throughout and extremely durable, these tiles will keep their pigment for the lifetime of the project.

If you are looking for a custom color, size or shape that hasn’t been designed yet, we will be happy to work with you. All TekWay® Tactile Warnings are economically priced and are by far the best buy when you consider the lifetime of your project. Every product we make is designed to withstand inclement weather as well as heavy foot traffic as experienced on Mass Transit platforms or curb ramps. We have a wide range of federal and natural colors, making them a positive part of any design requirement.

Standard Colors Fed ID #
Federal Yellow 33538
Federal White 37875
Federal Black 37038
Federal Red 31350
Federal Orange NA
Federal Blue 15187
Natural Colors
Natural Yellow
Natural White
Natural Charcoal
Natural Terra Cotta
Natural Green
Natural Brown
Standard Sizes
12" x 12"
24" x 24"
24" x 30"
24" x 36"
30" x 36"
24" x 48"

Color Contrast =

According to the ADAAG, the color and contrast of detectable warning materials must adhere to the following rule:

705.1.3 Contrast: Detectable Warning Surfaces shall contrast visually with adjacent walking surfaces either light-on-dark or dark-on-light.

High contrast helps visibility, and our Color Contrast Calculator is just the tool for determining the best colors for your project. Pick any of our premade ADA Dome colors and compare them with different cement colors to find how well they contrast.

Federal Colors

Colorfast throughout, these federal tiles will maintain their contrast and alert pedestrians throughout the lifetime of the project.

Natural Colors

Keeping compliance and aesthetics in mind, our Natural colors offer designs a way to be compliant and complement the surrounding environment.

Standard DWS Sizes

Perfect for the majority of ADA, Mass Transit, and tactile walking surface indicator applications, our standard sizes offer the flexibility to deal with any project, budget, or install needs.


Custom Sizes & Shapes

In addition to our standard tactile walking surface indicators, we provide a number of unique shapes, patterns, and sizes in our Architectural Series. These range from True Radius tiles to brick patterned tiles, allowing designers to be compliant and aesthetically pleasing.

View Architectural Series

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