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Best Apps for People who use Wheelchairs

The best applications for people who use wheelchairs often focus on making the world more accessible. Our society loves apps because of how easy they can make our lives, and these benefits are especially important to those who have mobility issues or use a wheelchair.


This MVP accessibility app allows users to add accessible locations to maps, share photos, and leave information for other users. This virtual map provides a wealth of information to the community that deals with mobility impairments. Users can learn the most accessible spots in their own city or another city when traveling. Users also mark when different locations are not accessible. The Wheelmap app is a great tool for locals and travelers with a mobility device.

Wheel Mate

Take the anxiety out of city traveling for people who use wheelchairs. With the Wheel Mate app, accessible parking and bathrooms are mapped out. Simplifying the process for finding everyday services that are wheelchair accessible, Wheel Mate can also be updated with information from users, allowing verification and comments. This app also provides directions to these accessible bathrooms and parking spots. With over 35,000 locations in 45 countries, Wheel Mate makes traveling even more accessible to people with mobility devices.

MobilityWorks App

Planning a road trip? Flying into another city and wanting to rent a vehicle? The MobilityWorks App brings all the information you need on rental vehicles that will accommodate your accessibility needs to your fingertips. MobilityWorks specializes in “adaptive vehicle solutions” throughout the United States, and the app allows you to explore location maps, events, and social media feeds. You can also check out vehicle rental information, current inventory, and other road resources.


With Uber’s commitment to “equal access to all”, the popular rideshare service offers UberACCESS cars that are outfitted with a rear-entry ramp with four-point restraints for a secure drive. UberACCESS drivers also complete a disability and equality training. It should be noted that there is no extra charge for UberACCESS, and pricing is the same as any other Uber service. Uber is also working on new ways to serve the community with mobility devices, so keep an eye out for those changes and updates.

Every day, more apps are being created to better serve society, so the field of apps for the mobility-assisted community is sure to grow. Whether you want to find accessible locations in a foreign city or rent a car, plenty of apps provide services that can help people who use wheelchairs more easily navigate the world. 

At StrongGo, we believe in a world that’s accessible to everyone. Each of these apps help make the world a more inclusive place, just as we help make the physical world more accessible with our detectable dome tiles.

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