StrongGo® Industries (LLC) is at the leading edge of Custom Polymer Technologies.

StrongGo® has developed and owns a wide range of unique Polymer Formulations, which, in combination with its Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, permit the Creation of innovative products, and thus provide superior business solutions for many industries and many different applications.

StrongGo® focuses primarily on the Research, Development, Manufacturing, and Sales of Hi-Tech and Top-Quality Products for use in Mining, Construction and in Industrial Coatings.

In addition, StrongGo® operates an in-house, state-of–the-art laboratory for material and product testing, and which is also used to set the true benchmarks for continuous product improvements.

StrongGo® is dedicated to a corporate concept of ‘linked prosperity’, which means a combination of product development & manufacturing, sustainability and responsible capitalism. The following three completely interwoven, but equal missions should serve as the base for StrongGo® of always being highly attractive as a business partner as well as an employer.

  1. Our Product Mission is to develop and manufacture new and innovative products for different markets, in which we see a strong growth potential and which are in the early stage of their corresponding long-term lifecycles. Our full commitment to offering only uncompromising top-quality products and services is the center of StrongGo’s corporate culture.

  2. Our Ethical Mission is to operate StrongGo® in a way that actively recognizes the important role that business plays in modern society. We focus our efforts on solutions that clearly address ethical principles and competitive fairness as well as the protection of our environment. Further, it is our persuasion, that everything we do commands the deep respect towards individuals inside and outside the company, and towards Truth and Authenticity in general.

  3. Our Economic Mission is to operate StrongGo® on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth, increasing value for our shareholders and expanding opportunities for further personal growth and career development of our employees.

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